Kamis, 04 Desember 2014

Window Treatment Ideas for Small Windows Using Easy to Get Ingredient

Cleaning your window every day is not a difficult job as long you have the right tools for this duty. Of course it is also very important because cleaning window will clean the circulation system of your house and will make your house feel more relaxing, comfortable and healthy due to the right amount of oxygen that circulate regularly through the window. In addition to circulation cleaning window will also enhance your home interior and exterior appeal. However, even though it is important to clean the window, cleaning small window is proving to be difficult due to the size. Fortunately, there are some window treatment ideas for small windows that you can apply by yourself.

window treatment ideas for small windows
window treatment ideas for small windows

Easy Window treatment ideas for small windows

The first Window treatment ideas for small windows are using the right cleaning solution to clean your window. You can try to buy the solution in the nearest market if you do not want any trouble. However, if you want you can also make it yourself by combining vinegar, water and some detergent powder to make your own window cleaning solution. To make this solution you need to prepare the ingredients that have been described in the previous sentence. For more detailed ingredient you need one bucket of water, a bottle of vinegar and three spoon of detergent powder.

After you find all of the ingredients mix all of them and stir well. The solution then can be used to clean your windows. This solution are pretty effective because the vinegar act as a great solution to make the dirt and hard to clean taint that are created from some dust. The detergent powder also act as a cleaning solution and giving some aromatic feel that will make your house looks cleaner and not smelly. For additional uses you can also use some spray and fill the spray bottle with this solution for an easy window treatment ideas for small windows.

Finally, it is recommended to use some cleaning canopy and brushes to clean the side of the windows. Small windows usually suffer for various dusts that become hard due to long exposure with the air. It is quite difficult to clean this taint so you need a brush and some of the cleaning solution to make the taint much easier to be cleaned. After you brush the side of the window applies the cleaning solution again then cleans it with the canopy and uses some clean and warm water for the finishing touch to end the window treatment ideas for small windows.

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